quarta-feira, junho 18, 2008

Perolas da democracia europeia

Rapto da Europa (44)

"I don't think you can say the treaty of Lisbon is dead even if the ratification process will be delayed."

- Jean-Pierre Jouyet, French Europe Minister (Reuters, 16 June)

"I am convinced that we need this Treaty. Therefore we are sticking with our goal for it to come into force. The ratification process must continue."

- Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister (Reuters, 14 June)

"Of course we have to take the Irish referendum seriously. But a few million Irish cannot decide on behalf of 495 million Europeans."

- Wolfgang Schaeuble, German Interior Minister (Deutsche Welle, 15 June)

"We think it is a real cheek that the country that has benefited most from the EU should do this. There is no other Europe than this treaty. With all respect for the Irish vote, we cannot allow the huge majority of Europe to be duped by a minority of a minority of a minority."

- Axel Schäfer, SPD leader in the Bundestag (Irish Times, 14 June)

The Treaty "will be applied, albeit a few months late."

- Lopez Garrido, Spanish Europe Minister (Forbes, 15 June)

"The Treaty is not dead. The Treaty is alive, and we will try to work to find a solution."

- Jose Barroso, European Commission President (Press Conference, 14 June)

"Now is the time for a courageous choice by those who want coherent progress in building Europe, leaving out those who despite solemn, signed pledges threaten to block it."

- Giorgio Napolitano, Italian President (Irish Times, 14 June)

"In no case should the Union be stopped in its tracks. We need to examine the existing possibilities to assure in any case the entry into force of the Treaty and to associate Ireland with it."

- Yves Leterme, Belgian Prime Minister (AFP, 14 June)

"The treaty is not dead. The EU is in constant crisis management -- we go from one crisis to another and finally we find a solution."

- Alexander Stubb, Finnish Foreign Minister (Deutsche Welle, 16 June)

"We shall effectively look for ways to ensure it comes into force. Irrespective of the results of the referendum in Ireland, I think that we can deliver an optimistic message - Europe will find a way of implementing this treaty."

- Donald Tusk, Polish Prime Minister (BBC, 13 June)

"We shall see in the next few weeks more ratifications meaning that support for a strong Europe is there."

- Dimitrij Rupel, Slovenian Foreign Minister (AP, 16 June)

"The rejection of the Treaty text by one European Union country cannot mean that the ratifications which have already been carried out by 18 EU countries become invalid."

- Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament (EP Press Release, 13 June)