quarta-feira, junho 18, 2008

No meio de tanta hipocrisia ainda ha quem tenha algum juizo

Rapto da Europa (45)

"Citizens are transmitting signals of fear and uncertainty. You can say it's not rational, but we need to react because they are signs of difficulties with the democratic process."

- Giulio Tremonti, Italian Finance Minister (FT, 16 June)

"However frustrating that it is to pro-Europeans such as me, respect for Ireland's treaty rights is crucial to the integrity of the European Union."

- Stephen Wall, Tony Blair's Europe Advisor (Times letter, 17 June 2008)

"Stop talking about Lisbon and get to work."

- Philip Stephens, (FT, 17 June 2008)

"I regret its demise. I am a European federalist, and the Treaty of Lisbon would have represented a small further step towards a federal Europe... It is, however, important that the death of the Lisbon Treaty is acknowledged in Brussels and in the national capitals that favoured the Treaty. Trying to achieve a resurrection of Lazarus for the Lisbon Treaty by telling the Irish people: 'keep on voting till you get it right', would be both contemptible and counterproductive."

- Willem Buiter (FT, 16 June 2008)

"Everyone is fed up with negotiating new treaties... The Nice treaty is not ideal, but losing Lisbon should not be seen as the end of the world."

- FT leader (14 June 2008)

"It is time for EU countries to think the unthinkable: integration by grand treaty is over...EU governments have no time for several more years of institutional navel-gazing. They must make what improvements they can on the hip and move on."

- Hugo Brady, Centre for European Reform (Guardian, 16 June 2008)